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About us

We are a group of NFT developers and moderators from different projects, and we are committed to helping new comers in the NFT space navigate their way around the huge NFT/metaverse. 

We sort through the rubble and pick away the pieces of different projects to find that perfect one for you! At That NFT Finder we provide daily think pieces on everything NFT/Crypto related, to help our readers come to educated decisions when choosing a project. We also provide a weekly newsletter filled with information anyone can read and enjoy. 

If you want more information on joining our community, follow us on social media and join the conversations on discord. 

Also, If you have a NFT/Crypto project and want to be featured in our newsletter, a blog post or even in the discord email us at: or submit a ticket on our discord. 


Want to be featured? 

If you'd like to be featured in our Newsletter, Website or Discord send us a message at:

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